July 2016- Update

Hey! I wanted to give everyone a quick update since I rarely post on here and usually just give my day to day updates on fb or Instagram. GriffGlass has grown leaps and bounds since my arrival here in Austin, Tx but there's still a part of me saying I should have done more in the last six months, I could have learned more, I should have spent more nights outside. All that may be true but now to what I can control right now. I want to start posting more on here in sort of a glance at my week to help myself remember what was created and if I learned any tricks to either clean or speed my work up. I find myself forgetting the small details I learned when I make multiple items in a row during the beginning stages of learning a new technique or creating a new design. For example if I make 10 hearts in a row and on the 8th I learn to bend my hand a different way to create a different look I'll most likely forget that the next time I jump in to make one or two hearts.  

Visited our friend Able from @see_art_run at his domain location booth last weekend and he was nice enough to show me how to do some sick Vortex Marbles with honeycomb backings! Super simple and spacey! Love staring into these seemingly endless vortexs of colors.

Tried using some glow in the dark frit for the insides of a transparent colored marble but I think I burned it.. looks gritty and shows mediocre in the dark.

Dot stacking

Um yea super hard plus I think I did it super wrong. Used a bunch of cool colors but seem to be wasted. Color on top of color didn't show well.  I turned my gross mess into a cool weird ass pendy but yea def need to research dot stacking better.


And last but most important I bought and setup my square register account this week! finally can accept credit cards : ) 

more progression pics coming soon