Kiln Ordered and Vegas Booked!

The kiln was my next order of business. It wasn't until that first rabbit-hole google search of "Whats the best kiln to buy" did it become apparent how important this decision was going to be. Size seemed to be the biggest factor. Insert dick joke here. As stated in my previous post, Im looking to grow into this studio so I decided to go as big as I could afford. 

I narrowed my search down between the Paragon F120 and the Glass Hive Regular Guy.

The GlassHive Regular Guy Kiln priced at $765+$60 extra for the punti door + $60 shipping=$890 with a decent size cavity measuring in at 6 1/2" deep x 18" wide x 4" tall.

The Paragon 120 priced at $1525 with punti door on sale at Mountain Glass Arts for $1220+92 shipping= $1312 with an impressive 10.75X11X7 cavity.

The Regular Guy from Glass Hive had a slightly smaller cavity but their steller reviews and dramatically cheaper price tag influenced my decision greatly.

I called Glasshive the next day and spoke with Pam who provided me with exceptional customer service! Pam literally walked me through every detail with zero pressure to buy. At the time of my call their website was not updated and Pam informed me that all their kilns were going digital and that they had a new size available. 12x18x9 with double punti doors and a rod rack for $880 shipped! This size and price far exceeded my expectations and I ordered immediately. 

Very excited with my purchase. Projected ship date 3-4 weeks.

Should be here right before my yearly vegas trip with these jabromies. Our dickbag friend derrick will also be present but he has a real job so we'll leave him out of the pictures : )

I love reminiscing on the many previous vegas adventures as my new 2015 vegas vacation rapidly approaches. 

Waiting for packages doesn't make for many cool pictures so I figured I'd try to keep you clowns entertained with some shenanigans instead. Pictures span a decade of trips!

Your Welcum.

The trip will probably will look something like this: 

I'm sorry mom hahaha 

Alot of donkey pictures like this ^

Mixed with dicks like this

and more bad decisions like this

afew nights like this

some of this tossed in for good measure : )

prob will stay in afew hotel rooms that will need to be secured like this

and of course it wouldn't be vegas without this

and will def be feeling that post vegas depression shortly after

Mhmmmmm I love me some vegas.

T-Minus 25 Days : )