Progress! Torch Purchased

SLOW but steady.

I didn’t realize how complex and tiresome piecing together a lampworking studio could be. Every piece of equipment needs to be individually researched. Every inch of the workspace needs to be carefully designed. And each and every one of these topics will bring you down a rabbit hole of confusion and doubt. Never the same information. Never the same opinion. No one stop true reliable source. Leading to more questions with less answers.

  • What torch will suit my needs?
  • What Kiln with suit my needs?
  • What are my needs?

Let’s start with that first. Hmmmmmm…..

So what do I want to make? I guess I want to start making pipes/pendants/marbles but that doesn’t mean that’s where I want to stop.

I need to create a studio I can grow into. Not outgrow.

With glass it always seems I can find a new topic on the forums to research and get lost inside for a few hours. This tells me to take into consideration the things I want to be doing in the future as well.  I’m excited to think that when the basics fundamentals are learned its really my call on which direction I choose to go.

But with that excitement comes MORE questions…

  • Can my torch create sculptural work?
  • Larger functional pieces?
  • Do I want to try glass slumping?
  • Can my torch create a pinpoint flame for smaller detailed work?
  • Will my kiln be large enough for the pieces I expect to be making in my future?
  • Are my expectations in check?

Whoaaaaaa. Slow down. Basics first

Where to begin?

I started my research with the torch and figured I’d build the studio around that.

Two months and hundreds of hours of late night research provided me with the conclusion that the Lynx from GTT was going to be my first torch!

I like to imagine a world where you could walk into a torch store and head down to aisle 9 where they keep the shiny new lynx’s. Pick up one of those beauties and walk back to the cute flirtatious cashier who thinks lampworkers are sooooo hot. $450 bones later and you’re out the door.

Oh. What a beautiful world.

Well let’s step back into the harsh reality here where I’d have a better chance of getting mauled by a real Lynx while sitting in boxers in my living room here in Johnston, RI.

Apparently there’s a lot of other noobies like myself getting into glasswork and GTT can’t keep up with the supply. Actually, it seems a lot of the better quality torches-most of which were out of my price range- were sold out and in high demand in the Facebook and forum trading sites.

Each time a Lynx would pop up for sale it would be nabbed within moments by another eager future glassblower leaving the rest of us clowns playing the “dibs on if payment falls through” game.

I had to act quicker but I hated being on Facebook all day stalking the forums. All I kept finding was posts with hundreds of dibbers!!!!!

Dib This! It was finally my turn!

If you knew me, you’d know how against notifications I was and how much this tortured my soul.

July 2, 2015- I like to call this date the day I officially started Although I don’t think I created that catchy ass name till a few weeks later but regardless July 2, 2015 was the day I put my first dollar into GriffGlass. Actually 450 of those dollar things!

This was my chance. No time to think. JUST BUY!

Boom- Torch Purchased!

Stefan C Parum was my name at the time haha

Sorry dibbers : )

What I Learned-  

*This is where I plan on summing up the posts and letting all you lazy clowns read what I learned. Some might find this helpful others not so much.

The GTT Lynx is a versatile torch that will allow any beginner to advance their skills for years to come.

Join and activate all notifications for the following Facebook groups:

  • GTT For Sale or Trade
  • Glassifieds<Tools and Equipment, New and Used

Be patient and get to know the people within these groups.  They are all valuable resources that could potentially put you in contact with your Lynx so speak up often.

GTT’s Torch Video Tutorial Guide

Thanks for reading!