Graphite Tools Purchased

Hey Everyone!

Found a killer deal on a lot of 18 handmade graphite tools. Guy was asking $300 on ebay or best offer. 

Tossed out an offer of $150 and was instantly accepted.  

Cant beat $9 bucks a tool shipped!!!!!

Still need a few more tools- Bowl pushes, reamers, claw grabbers, titanium scripture pen, mashers, and tweezers. 

What I learned:

Check local craigslist ads for tools. May need to search a few different word phrases for each city in your area. I found some torches and tools listed under "glassblowing, welding equipment, lamp work, flamework, glass supplies, glass art materials, and ex husbands crap (haha my favorite). Sometimes the people listing this stuff don't really even know what their listing. Potential to find some steals.

Same goes for eBay searches.

Don't forget to verify users before purchasing goods. Check out their facebooks if your doing a Facebook trade/buy. See if they are an active member. Look for signs of a fake profile. Amount of friends. eBay seller ratings blah blah blah. You guys get the picture. Previous life working within the fraud department of Fidelity Investments always has my eye looking for scammers.

Check the Facebook group- Glassifieds<Tools and Equipment, New and Used

A lot of good people in there willing to help. Post your questions or requests for needed equipment and you almost always see an immediate reply. A lot of solid tools being handmade by the glassblowers themselves. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions. I could have sped this process up significantly if I had just asked the right questions earlier. The glass community has impressed me on multiple occasions. To see fellow artists offering their time, suggestions, advice, opinions, and goods to help others succeed is truly amazing.