Torch and Tools arrived!

Nothing beats the excitement of packages and unboxing pics!

Torch and Tools arrived in mint condition and I'm extremely pleased. For some reason I expected both the torch and the tools to be larger but thats not really a complaint : )

My 1st attempt at a photobox includes my two childhood red desk lamps, yoga mat, and a crystal light empty container with a slit in the sides for my iphone. 

Pretty disappointed with the lighting and shadows but overall its works for now. 

What I learned:

If I plan of listing any of glass online in the future then I'm going to need to invest in the proper materials to achieve more professional looking photos. Darren will explain it better then me but this is what I plan on making. 

Click here to find out how to make an inexpensive light tent  

Looks like I'm using the wrong bulbs (should of used 90w Daylight bulbs) hence the yellowish tinge I noticed in my earlier photos.

Learning continues : )