Studio Decisions!

With the move date rapidly approaching decisions regarding setting up a studio still lingered. 

  • Will my new apartment in Austin, Tx allow me to set up a studio inside? 
  • Can I hide a glassblowing studio inside an apartment incase the landlord says no? haha
  • Will renters insurance cover accidents within a glassblowing studio?
  • What are the laws and safety issues that I need to be concerned with?
  • What can I afford?

Screw the typical inside home studios I've been researching online, lets get creative! I need something that will work with my situation. I need a studio that will allow me to blow glass here in Rhode Island in the weeks leading up to the move, as well as a safe separate space that can travel easily wherever my future takes me. 

A mobile glassblowing studio just made sense. 

But which option? A trailer? Box truck? Old Uhaul? 

As my search continued I found exactly what I was looking for!

It's perfect! Well not perfect but soon. I saw the potential. 

Try explaining to your friends your going to convert a old stepvan into my mobile glassblowing studio without being called a crazy hippie! haha

The idea worked in so many ways. I needed a way to get my stuff to Texas anyways and was planning on renting a uhaul so that budget can now be combined with my studio budget.

2,500 bills later and this beast was all mine!

Stay tuned for conversion progress pics.


Stephen GriffithComment