First Time on the Torch!

After meeting a local glassblower at a fair and annoying her with hundreds of questions online regarding setting up a studio, I somehow received an invite back to her house to see her own studio. 

As my GPS informed me that I was approaching my destination a rush of panic struck my body. For some reason I was nervous. Like really nervous. But why? This wasn't a job interview or speaking with a cop. Why was I so nervous? 

As I attempted to calm myself down I realized I hadn't actually talked with anyone who  knew anything about glassblowing in person prior to right now.  Up until now only afew people knew of this crazy idea.

  • Am I going to make an ass out of myself by using the wrong lingo or terms?
  • Will I be able to watch her create any pieces?
  • What if its nothing like what I saw online or in the videos?
  • What if I don't like it?
  • Maybe Glassblowing isn't for me...
  • Do I have any idea what I'm getting into? 
  • What if she asks me if I want to make something?

As my mind attempted to convince me my dream was dumb just because it was feeling a little fear from the anxiety of the questions that continued to pile up, I thought about that last question again. 

  • What if she asks me if I want to make something? 

Hmmmm... I really hope she asks me if I want to make something!

The thought never really occurred to me but tonight might actually be my first time on the torch.

It's Go Time. I was now excited. The good excitement. It was time to see if this dream is possible.

Of course my fears were immediately diminished upon seeing Katie's friendly smiling face answering the door. The glass community continues to impress me with how everyone is so willing to help and share knowledge with others who are willing to learn.  A community like this where people care about the success of others is a community I want to be apart of. 

Soaking it all in!

Soaking it all in!

Inside the questions poured out my mouth faster then my mind could comprehend the answers given. I wanted to know more. What about this? What about that? My pad filled up with random chaos. A word here, a phrase she said there. I couldn't control my excitement.  Her studio was beautiful. It was everything I wanted. Pay attention Steve shes telling you important information that you've searched for hours for. But look at that. Ohhhhh I need one of those.Cool, that looks like the tool I saw online. I was all over the place and was having a really hard time focusing. But as dumb as it sounds the biggest thing I was thinking during the whole time I was there, was how insanely jealous I was that she got to kick my noob ass out at some point and she could blow glass till whenever she wanted.

And then it happened! 

Of course I jumped at the opportunity when she popped the question haha : )

The smile says it all! : ) Pure happiness

The smile says it all! : ) Pure happiness

One of the coolest parts of the night was Katie allowing me the option of creating anything I wanted as my first piece. No restrictions. No teacher or group-on saying I can only create 1 of these 4 items. No one to control my creativity. This is a big deal. If this dream is carried out I plan on building a business starting with this first piece. This is the first glass piece GriffGlass will ever make. This is something I want to have forever. This is something I'm going to be proud of forever. So of course I pick a blue pipe haha 

Seeing that first tube start to turn that autumn orange glow was all I needed to remind me the love I felt back in December at the Luke Adams Glass studio.  

PS A big thank you goes out to Katie for welcoming me into her home and being kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to teach a noob a few things. Also want to thank Amanda from Debs Shed for accompanying me just in case Katie turned out to be a crazy serial rapist. I'm sure Katie was also glad to not be standing in her basement alone with my creepy bearded ass haha a win win for all

Until next time!


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